Episode #L – Ryan’s Reviews

I compiled some of my Dice Tower reviews for your listening pleasure, check them out here.

Reviewing the year and an updated Top 50

Hear Geoff and myself talk for over two hours on our thoughts on games we played in 2012.  I also revisit and update my top 50.  Check it out here.

Episode #43 – Merchant of Venus

Pick up and deliver in space!  What could be better?  I am very excited to bring you this highly requested episode for the last episode of 2012, tune in here.

Episode #42 – Ora et Labora

By popular demand I cover another great game designed by Uwe Rosenberg.  It’s a eurogamers dream, check it out.

Trading in the Mediterranean 1.0

Ive included a page on this website to include files for our live game design project on the “Ludology” podcast.  You can check out the first version of the rules and components there now!