Episode 29 – Through the Ages

Through the Ages Teaching Guide

Through the Ages Teaching Guide B&W

Released: July 19th, 2011





Game Description:

Through the Ages is an innovative game with the classic theme of building a civilization.  Through the Ages accomplishes its grand scope by using cards to represent all of the technologies gained by your civilization.

Original Show Notes:

Over the last year I have gotten endless requests for instruction on how to learn this game, Through the Ages. A wonderful epic game about guiding a civilization through hundreds of years of history. Over the last few weeks I have spent a lot of effort in putting this one together. It became the most difficult one to produce yet.

I hope that you enjoy and learn this great game. Due to the complexity of the game for the first time ever I am breaking the episode into two (still quite lengthy) episodes. Their length is due to the fact that I not only wanted to teach you the rules of the game but give you some basic understandings in how to play the game well.

In this first part of the episode, I give my general discussions on what I love about the game, discuss the complexity and some teaching suggestions. I then launch into the standard hook and a full explanation and guide to playing or teaching your first game of Through the Ages using the simple rules.

In the second part, I explain how to play one of the more complex versions of the game, give a little starting strategy and a thorough run-through of all of the oft-misplayed rules.

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