Episode 21 – Colosseum

Colosseum Teaching Guide

Colosseum Teaching Guide B&W

Released: October 1st, 2010





Game Description:

This is one of my favorite mid-weight games.  This game is about collecting various assets such as gladiators, musicians and scenery to put on shows in your own roman colosseum.  It has a lot of interactive elements and will keep you engaged the whole time.

Original Show Notes:

It’s great to be back. This one has been asked for multiple times, and it happens to be one of my favorite games, Colosseum. We get back to business with a good old fashioned Euro Game. In this episode I will explain to you how to put on the greatest spectacle Rome has ever seen. In the musings I will share a story about outside relationships being brought into games and compare Colosseum to Princes of Florence.

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