Episode 38 – Rex


Rex Teaching Guide


Rex Teaching Guide (B&W)


Released: July 11th, 2012


Show Notes:

You want a great theme with strong mechanics, Rex fits the bill.  The six colorful races of Rex fight it out for control of the universe, six races who were begging and pleading me to appear on the show as silly voices.  Developing characters for this episode was easy because the characters within the game are so interesting and is probably the thing I enjoy most about this game.  This game truly has characters as well as a nice setting, and a plot that develops throughout each turn.  This game feels like an interactive story, which I enjoy very much.  Dune, Shmune.  The owners of the Dune property were foolish to let this wonderful game design be separated from their brand, but good for Fantasy Flight for losing none of the magic by utilizing their own unique characters to tell the story offered by this game yet retaining the brilliance of a classic game design.

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