Episode 22 – Khronos

Khronos Teaching Guide

Khronos Teaching Guide B&W

Released: October 20th, 2010





Game Description:

This game uses a very fun theme of time travel in which players are playing tiles on three different time periods of boards and if you play in an earlier time period it appears in the future.  Very cool but the rules are a bit difficult to work through.

Original Show Notes:

Ready for some time travelin’ fun? This game is underappreciated, most people dont like it or haven’t played it because they tried to read the rules and their brain began to melt. How to Play to the Rescue! Let me decipher this clever time traveling tile placement game to you. This game offers a really fun implementation of the theme of time travel within a strategy game, give it a shot. In this episode’s musings I discuss bad rulebooks and my 3 pet peeves of such rulebooks.

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