Episode 32 – Advanced Civilization

Advanced Civilization Teaching Guide

Advanced Civilization Teaching Guide B&W

Released: November 13th, 2011





Game Description:

A classic in board games and an amazing boardgame experience.  Sure it may take 10-12 hours to play, but this game is worth a whole day of gaming.  Expand your people across the board, trade with neighboring civilizations, develop your technologies and seek to become the greatest civilization of all time.

Component Pictures on BGG

Ryan’s 2010 Advanced Civilization Session Report

Ryan’s 2011 Advanced Civilization Session Report

Links for Print and Play Versions:

Beautiful Redesigned Map for Adv Civ with the Western Expansion

Advancement Cards for Adv Civ

Advancement Card Tracker for Adv Civ you could use instead of actually making cards

Commodity Cards for Adv Civ

Advice for making your own PnP Adv Civ

Original Source for the 4 player Glory that was Greece Map

Updated Version of “The Glory that was Greece Map”