• Episode #46 – Trade on the Tigris

    After 5 years off the air, I do one more episode to be able to tell you all about the finished version of the design of our trading game.  Trade on the Tigris will be available at your local or online game source soon.  Learn how to play it here first.  Plus I even created […]

  • Episode #45 – Merchants and Marauders

    Hey look, its How to Play!  Here is a semi-official episode that is the recorded conversation of me teaching how to play Merchants and Maruaders.  Check it out here.

  • Trading in the Mediterranean v6 now available!

    Want to try your hand at playtesting a game.  Give the latest and greatest version of “Trading in the Mediterranean” a shot.  We would love to hear you feedback.  Print and Play the game from here.

  • Episode #44 – Clash of Cultures

    I have a big meaty game for you to chew on this summer.  I present Clash of Cultures a wonderful new civilization game.  Come learn the game with me here.

  • Trading in the Mediterranean v4 now available

    Trading in the Mediterranean continues to develop and now you can try the latest greatest version!  This version is a much more streamlined design then earlier versions and a more focused approach.  As such it has much fewer components.  Also as a bonus the rules for this version are actually readable by someone who is […]