What are all these games?

Are the games on this site foreign to you?  Did you think that the world of board games were limited to games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Risk?  Well I have got news for you, over the last twenty years board games have come a long way.  You may not see them at your local big box store, but the board game scene has exploded in the last ten years to the point where over 500 new games are released each year.

What kinds of games are out there?  There is something for everyone.  If you are looking for a party-style game there are lots of great options such as “Wits and Wagers” or “Time’s Up.”  If you are looking for a great family game look into “Ticket to Ride” or the exciting cooperative game “Forbidden Island.”  If you really want to dig your teeth into a deep strategic game there is that too with “Agricola” or “Puerto Rico.”

Ready to dive in?  You start exploring a brand new world of games by listening to the game explanations on this website.  Or you may want to explore the largest game resource out there; the incredible website www.boardgamegeek.com  If you’d like to buy some great new games check out a specialty online retailer such as Funagain Games or Boards and Bits.  Or to try before you buy, look up one of your local board game meetup groups from www.meetup.com.  Give board games another look, you will be glad you did.