Episode 7 – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Teaching Guide

Puerto Rico Teaching Guide (B&W)

Released: November 22nd, 2009





Game Description:

The game that really put role selection on the map.  The major decision of the game is on your turn to decide which of 7 actions all players will participate in.  A wonderfully elegant game of resource management and analysis of how to help yourself without helping your opponents too much.

Original Show Notes:

Today I discuss the granddaddy game that is Puerto Rico.  Ive broken it up into 4 clean sections for your listening enjoyment; Hook (intro) 2:21, Meat (full rules explanation) 3:25, Hamster (Beginning Strategy Tips) 32:22, Footnotes and Musings 37:25.

Those just wanting the explanation or using the episode for teaching purposes can listen to just the first 3 parts, those familiar with the game can feel free to skip to parts 3 and/or 4.  In musings for Puerto Rico I discuss Puerto Rico’s impact on Eurogames, what BGG ratings really mean, historical sanitation in games and childish game behavior!

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