Episode 17 – Le Havre

Le Havre Teaching Guide

Le Havre Teaching Guide B&W

Released: July 21st, 2010





Game Description:

Another great worker placement game.  Each turn you are simply making the choice of taking a pile of resources or using a building.  But which resources to take or which building to use?  Decisions, Decisions…

Original Show Notes:

This time around I cover Uwe Rosenberg’s other game, Le Havre. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite games. The mechanics of the game are simple but navigating the strategy can be quite challenging, hopefully listening to this show can give you a leg up on your first few plays of this great game or on how to teach this game. In the musings for this game I muse on Honesty and compare Le Havre to some similar games.

Special Note:

In the description for this game I talk a bit about how terrible loans are.  Well they aren’t quite as bad as I thought as when I recorded the episode.  The reason being that no matter how many loans you have you only pay one interest.  This opens up the possibility for a strategy to use loans as a way to get ahead.  I always pay off my credit cards, so I tend to avoid this strategy.

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