Episode 13 – 1830

1830 Teaching Guide

1830 Teaching Guide (B&W)

Released: April 4th, 2010





Game Description:

This is an epically awesome railroad game.  In this game you will invest in multiple railroad companies, build their tracks, and attempt to increase their stock value without getting left behind in the train technology race or going bankrupt.

Original Show Notes:

Here it is. The 18xx episode. 18xx; The granddaddy of train games, a legendary game design, and an unforgettable experience. This episode will teach you how to play the great game 1830, which rumours say is due to be reprinted this year. If you cant find 1830, there are plenty of other great variations of this system out there which are discussed in the show.

Though the length of the show may be intimidating, dont be afraid, the major rules explanation is just about 1 hour. And for ease of digestion, I have cut the meat into six easily comprehensible chunks. Including not only the rules but some basic strategy to get you started.

I hope you will give this episode a chance and think about giving 18xx a try. This episode was an immense chore but it was a labor of love and a testament to a beautiful game design.

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