HTP Complexity Rating Scale

How to Play assigns each game a complexity rating in one of four familiar categories

Green Circle:


This game is easy enough to be enjoyed by all. The game is simple, relatively short and easy to teach.

Blue Square:




This game is suitable for gamers or nongamers. It is moderately complex, it may have a longer playtime and may have unusual mechanics unfamiliar to nongamers. These games are suitable for anyone to learn and enjoy given they are willing to put forth a little effort in learning the game.

Black Diamond:




These games cross the realm into “gamer’s games.” They typically can last over two hours and require a significant amount of mental effort to learn. Though the games are manageable enough to play strategically in one play.

Double Black Diamond:

These are some of the most complex games out there. They are complex enough to require more than one play in order to play following all of the rules correctly or to play with any concept of the basic strategies of the game. These games are only for “gamers” who are interested in playing the game multiple times to reach full understanding of the game.