Episode 24 – Dominant Species

Dominant Species Teaching Guide

Dominant Species Teaching Guide B&W

Released: January 2nd, 2011





Game Description:

This worker placement game takes you through the evolution of a species.  You will be forced to adapt both your species and you can affect your environment in order to become THE dominant species.

Original Show Notes:

Try out the latest evolution in worker placement games, Dominant Species. This is my favorite game of 2010, and in my top ten games of all time. It contains all the things I love in my games, difficult decisions, an integrated theme and a great game experience. Learn to play it from this episode.

Also be sure to check out the interview that was paired with this episode.  A discussion on the evolution of game mechanics with Geoff Engelstein.  This is the discussion that started its own podcast the Ludology podcast with Geoff and Myself.

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