Episode 8 – Crayon Rails

Crayon Rails Teaching Guide

Crayon Rails Teaching Guide (B&W)

Released: December 10th, 2009

Game Description:

Crayon Rails is an under-appreciated gem of a game about building track and delivering goods.  It is multiplayer solitaire but it is very fun multiplayer solitaire as players draw track on the board with crayons and use that track to deliver goods.

Original Show Notes:

In this show I cover the game I play the most, crayon rails. Huh? never heard of it? Well you better give this one a listen as the crayon rails system is an unappreciated gem. Plus the show has gone upscale with fancy sound equipment and software, boy I hope you can tell the difference !

Hook (Intro) 6:36
Meat (Full Rules Explanation) 9:00
Hamster (Beginning Strategy) 24:08
Footnotes and Musings 27:05

In the musings for this game I discuss tips to get the most enjoyment from the crayon rails series, an overview of many of the available maps for the series and suggestions for extra equipment with which to play this game.

Component Pictures from BGG