Caylubration III

It’s coming again…


May 14th-20th 2012

A week-long celebration of the joy that is Caylus!

Spread the Caylus love, Play! Win!

Simply play one game of Caylus over the week and enter the win.

The prizes thus far (more possibly to be added):

Grand Prize: Caylus Premium edition
2nd Place: Caylus regular edition
3rd & 4th Place: Caylus iOS version promo for iPad/iPhone or gift certificates to Cool Stuff

Prizes furnished by Be sure to visit board of playing for fantastic board game reviews!

Also new this year, a “design a caylus building” competition!  This competition will be judged by William Attia, designer of Caylus.  This competition is being run by Lee Harris, thank you Lee!  For more information visit this thread and enter via this geeklist.

William Attia has also agreed to help with an upcoming episode of Ludology, horray!

This year we will be using a guild on Board Game Geek to coordinate all Caylubration activities, more information on the Caylubration to be found by joining the guild here!

Stay tuned for more information on Caylubration festivities and information throughout the coming weeks!