Episode 25 – Hansa Teutonica

Hansa Teutonica Teaching Guide

Hansa Teutonica Teaching Guide B&W

Released: February 6th, 2011





Game Description:

A wonderfully simple quick and exciting game.  Players are competing to claim routes as traders in Germany.  They claim routes to earn special abilities and score victory points.  The theme is pretty unnecessary but the game play is exquisite.

Original Show Notes:

It’s a request episode, Hansa Teutonica. This is one of the best games to come out in the last couple of years. So download this and learn it today. Expect your typical amount of “How to Play” goofiness, also stay tuned for some exciting news regarding this podcast and more podcasting goodness! . Thanks to Mike Amos for donating this game to make this episode possible.

This episode is also available in a full video version thanks to the work of Randall Rasmussen.


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