Episode 14 – Citadels

Citadels Teaching Guide

Citadels Teaching Guide (B&W)

Released: April 13th, 2010





Game Description:

The game that did Role Selection and Card Drafting before it was cool.  This is a wonderfully fun game about drafting a role and playing that game of doublethink.  If i take this then he will take this, but if he thinks I took this then he will take this unless he thinks that I think I will take this …

Original Show Notes:

Citadels the game of outguessing your opponents, its ten years old this year and still going strong. This was one of very first requests and I am finally fufilling that request. Sorry about more Princess Bride references but it just kind of fit, no more Vizzini and Inigo I promise.

In this episode’s musings I talk about the included expansion to the game, the games wide polarity of opinion and wide range of players, with a focus on playing Citadels with just two.

I hope you enjoy it!

Component Pictures from BGG