Episode B – How to Choose the Right Game

Released: December 20th, 2009

Original Show Notes:

In this episode for the sake of variety, I go into how to pick the right game for different situations. I discuss the factors that go into making this decision and talk about my favorite games for each specific situation. I include different player types and different player numbers. It culminates in listing “Ryan’s Essential 10.” A set of games that I think works for a variety of situations.

The 10 Situations….

Situation #1 – Family Party
Situation #2 – Converting NonGamers
Situation #3 – Weekly Gamenight
Situation #4 – Weekend GameDay
Situation #5 – Game with Kids
Situation #6 – Couples Game
Situation #7 – 3 Player Game
Situation #8 – 4 Player Game
Situation #9 – 5 Player Game
Situation #10 – 6 or More Players