Episode 15 – Caylus

Caylus Teaching Guide

Caylus Teaching Guide (B&W)

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Released: May 10th, 2010





Game Description:

The original worker placement game and the best.  No luck, just skill in this game as you compete against your opponents to collect resources and build buildings or build in the castle.  This game is a masterpiece.

Original Show Notes:

My love for this game caused the length for this to get out of hand because I had a lot I wanted to talk about!

I start the episode with a segment trying to restore Caylus’ damaged reputation and explain why I think it is such a great game.

I include a lot of beginning strategy throughout the explanation and provide some strategic path guides in the hamster. In the vegetables I give you some seed ideas on basic strategy for favors.

In the musings I talk about a variety of Caylus-related topics, including a beginners guide to get started playing online at the great real time board game site BSW, at which Caylus is one of the many fantastic games.

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