What listeners have to say about HTP


Listener reviews posted on itunes:

“I listen to several, ok a lot of gaming podcasts, and I have yet to find any that teach you to play board games better than the How to Play podcast. Mr. Sturm is a wonderful educator. He is clear with rules explanations, and makes it fun to listen. Sometimes though, his characters are a little goofy, but over all fun. Take your time and give How to Play a listen.”

“The content is top notch.  From all the board gaming podcasts out there, Ryan has by far the best instructions for learning and teaching games.  And all that without pictures!  Truly a piece of art.  Ryan is clear and (most of the time) concise.  The explanations are well structured and easy to digest.”

“If you think reading game rules is fun –and I do! — then this podcast is for you. Ryan gives clear, charming explanations of rules and strategies, with some interesting thoughts on how and why we play games on the side. I look forward to many great explanations to come.”

“Best Boardgaming Podcast…and I listen to them all.  Most podcasts bribe you to rate them with giveaways.  I am writing this review because it really is the best.  Very interesting topics and great detail on how to play some great games.  The mixture of humor and information are the perfect balance, and while rules descriptions could get boring this podcast does a great job of keeping them entertaining while teaching you to play.  Can’t recommend it more.”